I have seen it time and time again, a bride finds the dress of her dreams only to end up ordering an older version, a size too big, or even the wrong color! It is very important for your bridal stylist to be detailed in making sure you know what you are ordering but as the bride, it is also your responsibility to ensure no mistakes or misunderstandings. 

Here are some questions you'll want to ask your bridal stylist BEFORE buying your wedding dress from a store or designer. 

#1: What is the Price???

- Too often brides (or their entourage) decide to pull a dress or two that is way past the bride's budget, just to see what it will look like. But what happens when the bride ends up loving it!! Tears, heartache, struggle with what to do, and possibly even skipping out on other categories of the wedding just to make it happen. If you have the room for that, albeit. But for most couples planning their wedding staying in a budget is key to an stress-free and debt-free marriage. 

#2: Is the sample (the dress you try on) the same as what will be ordered?

- Ensure the sample isn't missing any pieces to it, or if it is missing some pieces and you love it that way it will be a surprise when the dress comes in with added parts. 

#3: Is the sample a current style?

- Designers can often switch a material or minor detail of a gown for a 'revised version' of a dress so know what you are ordering and if it will be same detail, fit, etc.

#4: Does the price include alterations?

- Depending on what you will need to have altered, the alteration costs can range from $500-$1500 and those costs are usually NOT included in the cost of the dress. This is important to know if you are trying to stay within a budget. 

#5: What alterations do you expect I will need?

- A bridal stylist should be able to tell you, based on the sample size you try on and the size your measurements fit into, what alterations might still be needed. This is a great way to set your expectations up beforehand and work those estimates into your budget.

#6: What is the lead time?

- This is the estimated shipping date for a dress to arrive from the time it is ordered.

- Standard lead times can range from 4-8 months out

NOTE: you will want to leave at least 2 months from your wedding date for the dress to arrive so you have time for alteration appointments.

Lastly, ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS make sure you read and sign off on exactly what you want and what you are buying. 

The last thing you will want is a surprise when the dress arrives. 

Take these questions with you to your next bridal appt and if you'd like to skip these questions all together and work with me on a custom design feel free to check out our Custom Design Consultation to get started!

xo, Desiree