Why Design Studio?

Firstly, I’m glad you’re here! You have stumbled across a passion and a mission that will change the way you shop for dresses from now on.

More than anything Design Studio was created to be able to accommodate every woman who has ever felt like the perfect dress for them just didn’t exist. Whether you’re searching for a special event or for your wedding, finding a dress that fits not only your shape but also your personality can be an exhausting challenge. Design Studio by Desiree Hartsock is here to help you do just that! Design your very own dress by mixing and matching thoughtfully curated top and skirt styles together.

Every Design Studio dress is made in America with every step overseen by designer, Desiree Siegfried. This not only allows a more thorough process in quality control but also gives customers the opportunity to know their dress is ethically made and providing jobs for other Americans.

We value quality, integrity and authenticity as we do everything we can to make the design and ordering process as flawless as possible. Thank you for making dreams possible as we create together!

Now, let’s get started on your dress!
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